Announcing our November 2014 Cosplay Judges! MomoJinxie, Jillian Chiharu and Invincible Kiwi

Mini Con would like to welcome backĀ  MomoJinxie cosplay. Let’s all welcome our newest judges Jillian Chiharu cosplay and Invincible Kiwi cosplay. Be sure to check out their facebook pages.






Bio: MomoJinxie is a South Florida based cosplayer, prop maker, as well as artist. In her short cosplay career she’s won several cosplay contest awards including Judges award, and Best Group. Best known for her Korra from Avatar: the Legend of Korra, she makes all of her props and cosplays from scratch. MomoJinxie is entirely a self taught prop maker, honing skills form experimentation and online research.




Bio: Jillian Chiharu is an ambitious self-taught Florida cosplayer that has been participating in cosplay for about two years. In this short period of time, she has been fortunate enough to create over thirty cosplays and win several cosplay awards including Best in Show, Best Group, Best Craftsmanship, and Judge’s Choice. Jillian specializes in armor based costumes but also enjoys cosplays that marry elements from both sewing and armor making. She can usually be found cosplaying with her boyfriend, whose cosplays she also makes, and creating genderbends of different characters from male to female or vice versa. Jillian’s favorite challenge in cosplay is creating original humanized concepts of non-human characters and finding materials that complement a character’s personality. Her favorite category to cosplay from is video games because she spends far too much time playing them!






Bio: Kiwi has been a part of the convention scene in the southern US for nine years, and has been competing in costume competitions for eight. She has constructed over 60 costumes from anime, video games, comic books, live action TV, movies, and everything in between. She is usually found on tumblr or at her local comic shop where she spends way too much money on comic books. You can find her over at !