Here are the prices for the Mini Con Program Booklet. These programs will be given to every attendee.  If you wish to advertise, please buy an ad in the booklet. This is the only acceptable form of advertising permitted at the event or on hotel grounds.

For more information on the program booklet or about sponsorship  contact

Mini Con Program Booklet

All program ads will be printed in B&W

Booklet is 8.5″ X 5.5 ”  Sizes given below are exact

QUARTER PAGE  (H2” x W5.5”)           $25

HALF PAGE          (H4” x W5.5”)            $40

FULL PAGE          (H8”X W5.5”)            $80

Inside cover full                              $100

Outside Cover Full                         $125

Deadline for Program is December 27th

Vinyl Banner

2’ X 4’ Full Color Vinyl Banner     $200

Banner will be hung in a prominent location during convention.  Includes 1 time fee of $50 for printing. Banner is your property and will be delivered to you after convention.

Deadline for banner


If you need design assistance, please let us know. We have graphic design staff ready to help.