┬áIt’s Halloween weekend and we are going all out with costume contests.






Mini Con Hallway Costume Contest.

All of our judges and some staff members will have an award for anyone anywhere in the convention that they think deserves it.

Mini Mini Costume Contest

This contest is for the little ones (10 and under).



Mini Bounding is our take on the popular Disneybounding, It’s where fashion and creativity collide with your favorite pop culture characters. Click here for more info.


The contest for our attendees with store bought costumes. Click here for more info.

CRAFTSThe Mini Con Craftsmanship Costume Contest is for our attendees that have made their own costume and is for all skill levels. Click HERE to see more info and register.


Costuming, skits, singing. We end our night with one last cosplay contest. Click here for more info.