The Mini Con Craftsmanship Costume Contest is for the attendees that have made their own costume and is open to all skill levels.

Divisions include:


  1. The Junior division is for any child under age 13
  2. A child wearing a costume designed and built entirely by an adult should be entered either in the adult’s appropriate skill division. It is our goal to encourage creativity among the junior division in an effort to help them grow into accomplished cosplayers/costumers


  1. A contestant who has competed and won in any division other than novice at another competition may not enter in the Novice division
  2. A contestant who has won more than three major awards at other major Competitions, in the novice division or a non division event may not enter in the Novice division


  1. Professional, or “Master” costumers may not enter as a Journeyman

2. A contestant who has won more than three major awards in the Journeyman division at other competitions may not enter in the                Journeyman division.


Any competitor may enter the Master division


Awards include:

Best in Show – Con Chair Award – Best Craftsmanship – Best Master – Best Journeyman – Best Novice   – Best Junior -Best Group – Best Prop – Judge’s Award – Judge’s Award – Judge’s Award – Best Original Character

Prejudging will be from 10:00 am till 3 pm

Feel free to fill out the registration form below

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How long did it take? Did you receive help? What was the hardest part?

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