Main Ballroom

Will be open 10am- 6pm

Costume Contest(s) will start at 4pm


Here are some of our panels. We will list the completed schedule asap.



Cosplay 101 and Beyond

Come join cosplayer Invincible Kiwi for a discussion on all things cosplay, featuring advice for those just getting started and tips and tricks for experienced cosplayers. The panel will also contain advice for cosplay competitions, social media, and more!


Prop making with household and found objects. By Gabriela Pabon

This prop making will focus primarily on masks and puppets made from household and found objects (having to spend as little as possible)

-getting ideas/ inspiration for projects

-planning project

-discussing ideal household/ found supplies to use

-execution of project

-final details

-display of final result


Armor Making 101

Have you ever wanted to create the armor your favorite anime, movie or video game character wears? Well, now you can! Join Momojinxie and Jillian Chiharu as they show you the steps to create your very own cosplay con-friendly armor. From patterning to painting and everything in between, this panel is for anyone interested in creating awesome custom armor!


Kimono 101     By Forever Desired

A glimpse into the world of traditional Japanese clothing, Kimono 101 provides information on the various types of kimono, as well as the obi and accessories. In addition, it will feature a demonstration of putting on a full ensemble with plenty of time for Q&A.


Cosplay & Special Effects Makeup

With some brushes, sponges and paint you can become a zombie, a fairy, or even someone else! Join Harley Pan Cosplay as she goes through tips and safety for face paint, body paint, liquid latex, contacts and more.


 Character Design and Storytelling. With Carol Anne McFarlane











The Monster Panel

Produced and moderated by Jeff Carroll, writer and filmmaker.

The Monster Panel is traveling sci-fi panel which has the energy of a Hip Hop event. It is a fun, entertaining and informative panel of Science Fiction creators who discuss the stories behind the big happenings in the world of Sci-fi. Television, movies, comics, video games and books will be a part of the conversation. It has been held at comic cons, book fairs and libraries.

In the Monster Panel every comment is welcome. The goal of the Monster Panel is to add diversity and spread multicultural thinking to the world of Sci-fi and comic books. The Monster Panel is where the variation of race and sexual preference meets with variety of opinion and out of the box thinking. The Monster Panel discusses the new trends in all the popular genres that fall under the umbrella of Science Fiction.

The Monster Panel focuses on the story behind the successful products because everything that is good has to have a good story. The panelists are made up of writers, illustrators, filmmakers, cosplayers, musical artists, actors, bloggers and industry insiders. With topics that range from: Why we love the apocalypse to what makes a good super hero. Other topics include ghosts, our love for zombies, why more people watch sci-fi in film than read it in books, when is hip hop going to move from sci-fi music videos to full out films address gender and the racial imbalances in Sci-fi and why there are so few black and latino people in comic books and sci-fi.