Mini Bounding is our take on the popular Disneybounding, It’s where fashion and creativity collide with your favorite pop culture characters. No sewing skills required, you use clothing and accessories from retail stores to portray your favorite character. It’s like the un-costume. Best part is, you can wear it all year round, not just at conventions and Halloween. Mini bounding is not limited to only Disney characters.  After the rules below we will add some links and images so you can do some research and see some examples.

The rules are simple

  • Put together an ensemble of clothing and accessories that makes you recognizable as your favorite cartoon, video game,  comic book or novel character. (not just Disney)
  • All  items in outfit are to be store bought . Cannot be hand made.
  • You may dye your hair or use a wig.
  • You may use body paint
  • Judging will be based on creativity and character likeness

We may add some rules if necessary so check back. Also feel free to send all the questions you may have. Contact us .


Blogger Leslie Kay puts to together disneybounding outfit possibilities (like seen in 3rd image below) as well as shares news and images of other disneybounders. Its where disney nerds and fashion geeks collide.

Buzzfeed article featuring 39 examples of bounding outfits.


Anna and Elsa from Frozen

elsa-and-anna-from-disneys-frozen-cutout-su1575   Found on

Example of Goofy ensemble for both winter and summer









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