Absolutely no real or replica firearms will be permitted. See rest of our policies below for other props. If you have a question or are unsure about your prop, please do not hesitate to email theminicon@gmail.com  with photos or questions. 


Costume and Prop Policies

  • No metal or “real” weapons
    • Swords (regardless of sheath), hammers, bats, etc.
  • No explosives or fireworks
  • No fighting or sparring with prop weapons
  • No rollerblades or skateboards indoors
  • No deliberately offensive costumes permitted
  • Take caution and bring a handler when in large costumes
    • Do not block hallways or walkways for photos or otherwise
  • All costumes must be PG during the day and PG-13 at night
  • No solicitation or signs (i.e. – “Hugs for $1”)
  • Use your own judgement –  if in doubt, leave it at home!